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Hyde Park est l’un des plus grands parcs dans le centre de Londres étant de 350 acres

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Hyde Park

Célèbre pour son coin de la présidence , il est le parc royal de Londres . Joseph Paxton a conçu le Palais de Cristal en 1851 pour l’Exposition comme une marque historique influent . Hyde Park est un lieu de réconfort serein ouvert de 5 h à minuit pour une brise cherchant âme .

Au contraire, il est aussi un lieu où la démonstration de masse se déroule le long des protestations ; comme n’importe quel autre site de Londres Hyde Park est marqué avec une riche histoire et les histoires royales . Hyde Park est à la maison à la mort de huit membres du Household Cavalry et les Royal Green Jackets et sept chevaux pendant les 1982 attentats qui ont été liés à l’Armée républicaine irlandaise provisoire .

Techniquement divisé en deux en 1728 par la reine Caroline dans les jardins de Kensington qui ferme tôt que le Hyde Park , il est naturellement supposé les deux sont un parc .

Il ya cinq stations de métro sur les bords de Hyde Park et de Kensington Gardens , à savoir ; Hyde Park Corner ( Piccadilly Line) , Knightsbridge ( Piccadilly Line) , Queensway (Central Line ) , Lancaster Gate (Central Line ) et Marble Arch (Central Line ) .

En 1824 Decimus Burton conçu et érigé la Porte de la Reine Elizabeth qui sert de la grande entrée de Hyde Park. Les descriptions de conception de la porte sont étonner et sont de chèvrefeuille ornement vert qui lui donne un équilibre grandiose et la nature .

Hyde Park est connu pour avoir eu de nombreux concerts de rock célèbres interprétés par des artistes légendaires tels que la Reine de Pink Floyd aux Rolling Stones . Tout comme de nombreux quartiers de Londres qui ont été nourris avec des événements marquants Hyde Park ont naturellement sa propre ligne de pages nostalgiques . L’un des principaux événements qui ont eu lieu à Hyde Park est l’avantage concert Live 8 où 150 -200 000 personnes se sont rassemblées pour regarder la ré union classique de Pink Floyd après trois décennies .

Hard Rock Calling est un concert qui a eu son branché sorti pendant l’exécution de Bruce Springsteen et Paul Mcartney que les niveaux sonores ont commencé à devenir une préoccupation .

Outre ses façons de faire la fête , de Hyde Park a eu ses moments religieux ainsi , la veillée de prière a eu lieu sur le site lors de la visite du pape Benoît VXI à Londres en 2012 , qui abrite près de 80 000 participants .

Comme beaucoup d’autres icônes de Londres pétrifiante de l’histoire de la Grande-Bretagne , Hyde Park illumine la longue liste de raisons pour visiter Londres . Hébergement indépendant Londres est abondante et locations vacances londres centre a affiné Londres studios de vacances que des appartements à louer à Londres .

Les cinq locations vacances londres complexes sont étroitement situés à l’autre, des tubes et des sites d’attraction touristique .

Appartements à louer à Londres ont vacances aimable Permet personnel Londres sont disponibles autour de l’horloge via notre Locations de vacances Londres hotline , il peut être un hébergement indépendant que vous avez besoin ou pour réserver un appartement à louer à Londres ou à vous aider avec des requêtes concernant votre studio location de vacances à londres

Loft Conversion will give you space your family needs

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It’s almost the Christmas holidays and the season to have fun which usually means many people come to visit and stay over; however, if you have limited space it can lead to an uncomfortable and unpleasant time for everyone. Do you have unused loft space which could be turned into an extra bedroom or extra living space for the teenagers or children? When space is at a premium, a loft conversion is the ideal answer to extending the living space of your home.

It’s not too late to contact South London Refurbishments loft conversions Wimbledon and let them give you advice and a quote.

They have many years’ experience in loft conversions Chelsea and loft conversions Fulhamand throughout the South of London.

By creating more space everyone will be more relaxed and the holidays a pleasant and happy time.So if you have space that you need converted click here SLR loft conversions Putney.

Microsoft Remote Desktop apps for iOS and Android

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You can rely on a company such as Knowall IT support Bayswater and IT support Fulhamto be at the forefront of technology. Have a look at this interesting blog post I found on Knowall IT support Hammersmith site. I found it extremely useful and decided to share it.

Microsoft Remote Desktop apps for iOS and Android – Posted on October 23, 2013 by Ash

After what seemed like an absurd amount of time, Microsoft has released the first official Remote Desktop client for iOS and Android. Until now, people had to make do with a patchwork of third-party programs — some good, some bad, and some abysmal. (I know — I’ve tried.)

According to Microsoft, the new application offers access to a Windows PC with RemoteFX. Features of the software include:

  • Access to remote resources through the Remote Desktop Gateway
  • Rich multi-touch experience with remote desktop protocol (RDP) and Remote FX supporting Windows gestures
  • Secure connection to your data and applications with breakthrough Network Layer Authentication (NLA) technology
  • Simple management of all remote connections from the connection center
  • High quality video and sound streaming with improved compression and bandwidth usage

Easy connection to external monitors or projectors for presentations. Knowall IT support HolbornIT support HounslowIT support Knightsbridge, IT support Liverpool Streetand IT support Kensington have other interesting articles you can read and lots of up to date technology idea available.

Go on a Tantric journey with the founder Mal Weeraratne

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Go on a Tantric journey with Mal Weeraratne … you might be wondering what a Tantric journey is? No better person to journey with than the Founder of  Tantric Journey Mal Weeraratne and has worked in the field of Human Sexuality since 1994. He is a skilled and qualified holistic practitioner and over the past twenty years he has learnt the following massage modalities and other therapies from all over the world, being trained in:

Holistic Body Therapy; Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi Massage, Swedish Massage, Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Tantric Healing Massage, Pelvic-Heart Integration, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sacred Spot Massage and Yoni Healing, Kahuna, Emotional and Physical Release Massage, Spiritual Hot Rock Massage, Journey Therapy, Aspects of Counselling, Yoga Stretches, Breath work, Toning (with sounds), Chin Nei Tsang Massage (Abdominal massage), Karasi Nei Tsang (genital therapeutic massage)

Tantra, an ancient eastern science, which included sexuality and spirituality as a doorway to ecstasy, creation, healing and enlightenment. Tantra was born in India around 5000 BC, through the sacred union of Hindu god Shiva, pure “Consciousness” and his consort, the goddess Shakti, pure “Energy”.

Tantric Journey is an awakening and healing process based on this ancient science to help:

Enhance love, intimacy and sexuality

Improve relationships

Heal your body, mind and spirit

Recent research has shown that tantric practices contribute to balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain and enhance the production of endorphins, making people more relaxed, healthy, and happy reducing tension and stress.

Read all about SWYX and keep ahead of technology

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Knowall IT support Marylebone and IT support Paddington is London’s leading IT outsource company is ahead of technology at all times, they deliver on time every time. They have the latest IT solutions and systems with highly trained and skilled staff.  Their MISSION statement is very important to them and the ethos of the company.


To deliver a highly responsive, informative and professional IT service to the customer organisation. Ensuring the customer is confident and satisfied in the status of their systems to operate their business.

Knowall IT has been providing Swyx Telephony and Swyx throughout the UK especially IT support Richmond and IT support West London support since 2003. Knowall IT has become experts in Swyx and we offer Swyx Support contracts very similar to our other IT Support contracts.

Why Swyx?

We believe SWYX is the most flexible and intuitive telephone system on the market. SWYX is not the cheapest system on the market, but is truly feature rich, if comparing with other telephone systems it will very often work out coming in at a lower cost once compatible features and functions are added to alternative phone systems.

Swyx Major Features

SWYX is for you if you wish to integrate dispersed offices locations and remote users, suddenly users working from home or overseas could be on the next floor. SWYX includes functions such as Unified Messaging, Voicemail, Dial In Conference rooms, Integration with Outlook, Dial from your Outlook or PC, Mobile phone integration, with apps for all popular mobile operating systems.

So take advantage of a FREE SWYX TRIAL by clicking on : IT support Westminster and IT support Twickenham

Give your loved one a perfect memorial

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kerb_g3 lwn_mem_a1 lwn_mem_b3

Planning a funeral is never easy for the people left behind; in fact it’s something we all dread if truth be known. That’s why it’s so important to pre plan your funeral and choose the right funeral directors Walton to assist your loved ones in time of grief. This will not only make it easier to set about doing but will also make it less of a burden if the loved ones know what their loved ones last wishes were.

You can plan the entire service down to memorial headstones and even pay upfront for it. Lodge Brothers have the largest selection of Childrens Memorials and Kerb Set Memorials to choose from. Their friendly, sympathetic members of staff make the process that much easier and with the many years’ experience know exactly how to treat people with respect and dignity.

Do you have the devastating and difficult decision of how to remember a loved one, how best to keep their memory alive and how others would like to remember that special person?

Memorial Restoration workmanship is professional and superbly finished.

From the time you enter the funeral directors Walton branch until the memorial is in place you will be treated with the utmost respect and dignity.

Stuck for year end function ideas?

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DIY Marquees are offering some new products for 2014. This includes a new range of commercial heavy duty marquee pop-up style marquees from 3x3m up to 4x8m available with or without internal decorative linings. We are also going to be offering a range of peaked roof pagoda style marquees from Spring 2014 onwards, these use the same heavy duty framework as our existing ranges but feature a peaked roof for a greater wow factor at functions.

At DIY Marquees we supply a range of party tents for sale, pop-ups and heavy duty marquees for sale suitable for private or commercial use. We also supply a range of internal lining, lighting, flooring and other accessories -if we don’t supply it then we can usually supply details of someone in the industry that can.

Short term apartments,Flats for rent in London, Holiday Lets London, London Holiday Lets

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Hyde Park

Hyde Park is one of the largest parks in Central London being 350 acres. Famous for its Speaker’s Corner it is the Royal Park of London. Joseph Paxton designed the Crystal Palace in 1851 for the Great Exhibition as an influential historical mark. Hyde Park is a place of serene solace open from 5 am to midnight for any breeze seeking soul. On the contrary it is also a location where mass demonstration takes place along with protests; like any other London site the Hyde Park is marked with rich history and royal stories. Hyde Park is home to the death of eight members of Household Cavalry and the Royal Green Jackets and seven horses during the 1982 bombings that were linked to Provisional Irish Republican Army.07

Technically divided into two in 1728 by Queen Caroline into Kensington Gardens which closes early than the Hyde Park it is naturally assumed the two are one park.

There are five London Underground stations around the edges of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, namely; Hyde Park Corner (Piccadilly Line), Knightsbridge (Piccadilly Line), Queensway (Central Line), Lancaster Gate (Central Line) and Marble Arch (Central Line).

In 1824 Decimus Burton designed and erected the Queen Elizabeth Gate which serves as The Grand Entrance to the Hyde Park. The design descriptions of the gate are astound and are of the Green honeysuckle ornament giving it a grandiose poise and nature.

Hyde Park is known to have had many famous rock concerts performed by legendary artists such as Queen to Pink Floyd to the Rolling Stones. Just as many parts of London that have been fed with momentous occurrences Hyde Park naturally have its own line of nostalgic pages. One of the main events that took place at Hyde Park is benefit Live 8 Concert where 150 -200 thousand people gathered to watch the classic re union of Pink Floyd after three decades. Hard Rock Calling is a concert that had its plugged pulled out during the performance of Bruce Springsteen and Paul Mcartney as the sound levels started becoming a concern.

Aside its partying ways, Hyde Park has have had its religious times as well, the vigil prayer was held at the venue during the Pope Benedict VXI’s visit to London in 2012, housing almost 80,000 attendees.

Like many other icons of London petrifying Britain’s history, Hyde Park illuminates the long list of reasons to visit London.  Self-catering accommodation London is abundant and Holiday Lets London has refined London holiday studios as flats for rent in London. The five London Holiday Lets complexes are closely located to each other, tubes and tourist attraction sites. Flats for rent in London have amiable Holiday Lets London staff are available around the clock via our Holiday Lets London hotline, be it may a self-catering accommodation that you require or to book a flat for rent in London or to assist you with queries regarding your London holiday studio.

Free vacuum loader health check from IBS

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IBS have new industrial blowers USA, reconditioned Robuschi blowers or service exchange as they understand that companies cannot afford to have any down time and therefore they have made sure they keep clients down time to a minimum.

Centrifugal blower on sewage treatment plant

IBS stock a large range of leading brands including aerzen blowers USA, Atlas Copco, Dresser, Robuschi,Hick Hargreaves and HPC Kaeser. Bare shaft blowers and machines are available.

IBS offer a refurbishment and upgrade service for bare shaft units and blower sets.

IBS carry a large range of blowers that enable us to offer a speedy service exchange facility.

dblo Associates are leaders in architecture in London

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dblo Associates architects Mayfair and architects Chelsea are proud to be Carbon Smart

What is Carbon Smart?

Carbon Smart works with organisations to make sustainability part of their success

We don’t believe it should be complicated or a burden, we make sustainability positive, straightforward and inspiring. We have helped over 700 organisations take clear, practical action and achieve tangible results

  • Engage people – great reports, inspiring communication, education and training. Engage the people inside and outside your organisation
  • Manage risk – understand your impact, know the standards, comply with the rules. Build, don’t damage your organisation’s reputation
  • Reduce costs – get control of energy and resource use, eliminate waste and inefficiency. Use sustainability to reduce unnecessary costs across your organisation
  • Win business – sustainability means credibility, responsibility, transparency, responsiveness – make it part of your customer and supplier relationships                                        To find out how dblo Associates can change your home and life click here architects Holland Park