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Compressors, vaccums, pumps

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IBS, based in the UK, offers a vast array of products to our customers who are based both in the UK and in the US. All of our products which we support and provide have their own reputations for being the best in the best. Products from Atlas Copco, Dresser, Robuschi, Hick Hargreaves, SR Blowers and more are available for purchase, whether you are looking for new or reconditioned products. By aligning ourselves with the best that industry has to offer and in order to meet the critical standards set by the manufacturing industry, we align ourselves with the reputations of the products which we supply. Our products speak for themselves, however IBS guarantees that not only are the products of the highest standards but so too is our service offering. IBS believes that what sets us apart from others in our excellent level of technical and sales services. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service in order to support our already high quality products.

On Site Services

All of the products which we supply are extremely hardy and as a result, they are long-lasting. However even the most tried and tested products need to be services from time to time in order to maintain the integrity of the product. If a product has not been serviced and is used for high-intensity environments, products may be subject to failure or fault. IBS can assist with the repair, servicing and reconditioning of roots type blowers, vacuum pumps, Rotary seals, filters, sifters and diverter valves, Biogas compressors, portable vacuum units and road tanker equipment.

In some situations, we are required to come to site to assist with servicing of items such as the roots type blowers, the Biogas Compressors, sewage vacuum pumps as well as vacuum pumps. We provide our customers with access to the best process engineering services, perform site surveys, energy audits, Vacuum Conveying and engage in fault finding procedures to assist with ensuring on-going high functioning products on your site. IBS has a team of experienced engineers who are able to provide the best expertise for on-site services.  To facilitate the process of transporting and handling products, we have a fleet of up-to-date vehicles, including HIAB equipped flatbeds. And finally, our technical and sales staff are also available to provide telephonic support. Should you prefer to discuss aspects of a specific project with an engineer, we can arrange for this to be done on-site, in person or telephonically, according to customer needs.

Alternatively, answer a few questions in our Email Enquiry Form by clicking here (or the Contact Us tab) and we will direct your enquiry accordingly.

Our numerous new and reconditioned items are ready for immediate dispatch

Roots Type Blowers

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IBS offer a wide range of Industrial vacuum loaders.  Read about some useful information on the FVP 25 Portable Heavy Duty High Performance Industrial Vacuum Loader.

Able to collect a range of materials including fine particles through to aggregates up to 50 mm in size, the unit has a maximum loading rate of 3 tons per hour over 40 meters or further if utilised with a vacuum interceptor skip and fixed pipework system.

No obligation site surveys. Units available for trial purposes. Units can also be supplied on short or long term hire, contract hire or lease.

The FVP 25 has been designed for:

High performance

  • Excellent conveying rates
  • Utilises an energy saving electric motor on soft start (running on a 32A power
    supply) and a high quality tri-lobe positive displacement vacuum pump
  • Quiet operation
  • Excellent filtration

Build quality and reliability

  • Very robust – exceeds that of our competitors whilst remaining very cost effective
  • Low running and maintenance costs


  • Unlike our competitors machines the FVP25 is suitable for wet and dry materials and sludges
  • Super flexible hose and a selection of vacuum tools are available


  • The FVP25 can be used to power a centralised vacuum system
    to feed material back into the process or for bagging purposes.


  • The unit has 1 cubic meter integral tipping skip


  • The FVP25 can be supplied with an additional 1 cubic meter fork lift
    intercept sealed skip, bottom dump intercept hopper or filter hopper.
    Larger skips are also available

IBS have well experienced staff who are able to analyse problems, advise on the most cost-effective/efficient solution and how quickly that solution can be implemented. For site emergency situations during working hours, IBS aim to respond within 4 hours based on distances up to 100 mile radius from their nearest available engineer.

IBS offer a Reconditioned Blowers repair and reconditioning service for most blower makes and models including Aerzen, Dresser, Robuschi and Hick Hargreaves. IBS can also repair the SR range of blowers (formerly represented in the UK by Adams Ricardo).

Simply return your damaged machine for them and they will inspect. If required, they will attend site to remove the blower for you. Once inspected, IBS will provide a written quotation for repair complete with a report of the recorded faults.

Big Bag Handling

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Pneumatic handling is just one of the services/products that IBS Systems offers their customers.  IBS is a company dedicated to bringing fresh thinking, innovation and a flexible approach to the pneumatic conveying of powered products to the production line.

Vacuum conveying is another of their offerings.  We are process designers for modular and bespoke vacuum and positive pressure pneumatic Lean Phase conveying systems and materials handling equipment, tailored to suit the particular requirement of each individual project. We provide a full turnkey and commissioning. From large bulk storage silo facilites though to minor ingredient dosing metering systems.

Our Equipment Range is extensive and includes the following:

  • Roots Exhauster and Blower Packages
  • Side Channel Exhausters and Blower Packages
  • Sack Tips
  • Big Bag Discharging and Filling Machines
  • Volumetric & Gravimetic Feeders
  • Modular & Standardised Pneumatic Conveying Componets
  • Fabrication Facility that manufactures our own equipment, including:
    • Vacuum Receivers
    • Cyclone Receivers
    • Big Bag Handling
    • Sack Tips
    • Storage Vessels
    • General Fabrications
    • Support Steelwork

We also offer our site services for trouble shooting of existing powder handling systems.
Many existing system installations will become non-efficient due to the lack of maintenance of knowledge about the specific requirements of a pneumatic conveying system. In some instances there is o longer any information available on the system previously supplied or it has been misplaced or lost. We offer come to site and survey the existing equipment/system and provide you with a detailed document that will advise you on the following:

  • Original system design duty
  • Potential increase in design duty
  • Current legislation and upgrades required to meet ATEX, Health & Safety, COSHH
  • Maintenance plans and spares requirement
  • Improvements to enhance the system performance
  • Plant drawings and parts schedules (if required)

As an organisation, IBS Systems Ltd has several decades of experience and knowledge of materials handling industry, an experience which enables us to work along side our clients as a ‘project partner’ and ‘colleague’. So for more information on Pneumatic Handling, Vacuum Conveying, Big Bag Handling please contact Industrial Blower Services.

Industrial Blowers

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Roots type blowers play a vital role in many processes. Applications range from pneumatic conveying of granules and powders to aeration of water and sewage. They are generally very reliable machines but when worked very hard they may breakdown.

At IBS we are very aware of the disruption caused by blower downtime. Our abilities to respond rapidly to a breakdown situation and repair/refurbish damaged machines using state-of-the-art technologies are unequalled in the UK. As part of our service, we can also offer hire equipment for temporary cover whilst your machine is in our workshop.

IBS offer new, reconditioned and service exchange machines. Unlike most manufacturers who specify an 8 to 16 week lead time for new blowers, IBS hold the largest range of new, reconditioned and service exchange blowers in stock ready for immediate despatch.

With an experienced team of professionals we are confident of providing the most cost-efficient solution to blower problems and requirements.

New Blowers

IBS offer new blowers from a wide range of leading manufacturers including Trinado blower, gma blower, Dresser roots blower, wade blower, ingersoll rand blower and drum blower. Bare shaft machines and blower sets are available.

Also, the complete range of SR Blowers (formerly represented in the UK by Adams Ricardo) are available through KPT for whom IBS are the UK agent.

Our flexibility allows us to supply and install any make and model of blower (including new innovations) for any form of contract including Framework Agreements, for example Atlas Copco ZB Centrifugal Blowers and ZS Rotary Screw Blowers.

Some of our other blowers include: