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‘Jet-Stream’ Packages

March 12th, 2012

The concept is simple. IBS Systems Ltd has developed a range of standardized modular components for the pneumatic conveying industry including Vacuum Conveying. The components can be used individually or assembled together as complete process systems. Pneumatic Handling and Big Bag Handling are also part of IBS Systems LTD offerings.

The key components of the modular system are the ‘Jet Stream’ range of receiving vessels and exhauster arrangements, pre-engineered in a range of 4 sizes:

  • Jet-Stream 1 – 1Te/Hr
  • Jet-Stream 2 – 2Te/Hr
  • Jet-Stream 3 – 3Te/Hr
  • Jet-Stream 4 – 4Te/Hr
  • Jet-Stream 6 – 6Te/Hr

These ‘Jet-Stream’ arrangements form the hub of each process system, completely modular in design and can be combined with all of the standard modular components that we offer to build complete system packages.

All ‘Jet-Stream’ Packages and components are pre-engineered and manufactured, pre-installed onto skid mounted frames and pre-wired in our factory. This greatly reduces the installation time required at our client sites and, reduces commissioning time, as performance and operation is already proven.

For more information on Modular Pneumatic Handling, Vacuum Conveying and Big Bag Handling:

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